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Say goodbye to silver fillings and say hello to a seamless smile. While silver has been the material of choice for decades and is still used today on back teeth or by request, modern dentistry allows us to use a composite resin to fill teeth, which blends beautifully with your smile.


We provide tooth-colored fillings for adults and children at Brady Dental Care. Some cavities may require a crown instead, which is just a cover for your tooth that is shaped and colored to match your smile!

Preparing Jams


Dental cavities are common in dentistry, especially in children, but even adults can get cavities. Cavities are another way of saying tooth decay, which occurs when enamel breaks down and bacteria enter your tooth. Sometimes, cavities can be very small. Other times, you may notice a brown spot or tiny hole upon examination in your bathroom mirror. It is also possible to find a cavity by brushing your tongue along your teeth and discovering a small rivet or dip.

Cavity Treatment

Treating a tooth cavity is very straightforward. Dr. Brady or Dr. Throckmorton will make sure you’re thoroughly numb and can even offer nitrous oxide if you suffer from dental anxiety. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is delivered through a small nasal mask, and it provides a dreamy and relaxed sensation.You can also cozy up with one of our blankets and neck pillows and listen to music on our headphones while our dentist sees to your cavity.

After the treatment area is numb, we will gently clear away the decay until the margins are clear. In some cases, if a cavity is deep and has compromised the integrity of your tooth, a dental crown may be recommended, which is just a tooth cover that is colored and shaped to match your smile. This cover provides bite force to a weak tooth and helps prevent breakage.

If your cavity does not require a dental crown, your tooth will be filled with a tooth-colored filling.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

We will fill your tooth with a resin that is colored to blend in seamlessly with your smile. This same resin is also used in dental bonding—spread across a tooth that is flawed, misshapen, or discolored to act as a cosmetic concealer.  A final polish and finishing touch by one of our dentists will make your filling virtually invisible.


Are you more interested in choosing silver or amalgam? We offer that, too!

Avoiding Cavities

Most of us have had a cavity at one time or another. However, a good oral hygiene routine at home and visiting our dental office regularly for exams and cleanings are great preventive steps to help reduce cavities. If you’re prone to cavities, you may benefit from fluoride treatment and dental sealants.

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